Koala Kare- Company profile

Koala Kare- A trusted name for commercial childcare products and baby changing stations exhibited its first-ever collection of baby care products in 1987. Since then we’ve been considered as a trustworthy identity for safeguarding sensitive little angels with premium quality products.

We’re a private organization having its headquarters in Centennial and are a division of Bobrick Washroom Equipment, Inc. Our collaboration with an already established brand name like Bobrick has amended a trust factor in our products and services provided.

Throughout these years, we’ve been launching products that meet all the requirements of the baby care process and make our association with Bobrick more profitable & remarkable. Right from square shaped to vertical, we deal in every shape of baby changing station that upgrades the safety measures & facilitates you with a reliable platform to nurture your baby.

We, at Koala Kare, are more than happy to have a savvy pool of experts who know what may comfort kids more & what equipment designs are demanded by mothers.  The major reason behind our successful launches of the meaningful & much-required product range is the survey conducted by our team. With this, we get to know what mothers or baby care takers are in need of.

From past 25+ years, every person associated with our business is the pillar of our ongoing successful journey. Started just with selling baby changing platforms and presently providing-

  1. Baby care stations
  2. Child seating
  3. Multiple accessories including-diaper kit, plastic liner dispenser, sanitary bed liners, stainless diaper dispenser, stainless diaper dispenser
  4. And replacement parts

How do we care for our customers?

Koala Kare understands the importance of treating delicate infants which is why we offer complete product support to our customers. Right from arranging the product to getting access to its multiple functions, we offer our assistance till you comfortably get your hands over it. Our product support assistance includes-

  1. Technical data information
  2. Guide Specifications
  3. Installation
  4. Instructions
  5. Sanitation instructions
  6. Product registration information
  7. Informative videos regarding the accurate product usage

What means success to us?

Of course, a child’s smile laughter! We want your little kids to enjoy playing with our range of products that are designed to bring an ease into their lives. With every passing day, we try to put our best foot forward to come up with something new that is never heard or seen before. And our sole motive to do so is to see a gratifying expression on every parent’s face. We understand the value of safeguarding kids thus passes the products through rigid tests to ensure better safety.

So, in case, you’re expecting or just gave birth to a new life in your family, then you must go through our range of baby care products that are durable & completely safe. We promise to provide comfort & joy to your little one. Get in touch with our Koala Kare team to find out an apt product. We would be more than glad to assist you anyhow.

Top 10 WordPress Themes for Dance Schools

Dance is one word that sends chills through anyone’s spine. And this goes perfectly for dance lovers, who consider it no less than a synonym to joy, happiness, and peace. If seen with the perspective of fitness and health, somehow dance is a much entertaining way to be fit as compared to hard-core exercises.

To let people be more active & interested it’s such activities, there are many dance learning sessions that offers salsa, acrobatics classes and much more. The basic purpose of such institutions is it makes people aware about the leverages of being a dancer.

With the rising passion of dance, countless institutes, schools and dance classes in Windsor are registering their presence in the world. Resulting, you may find multiple options when searched for dance classes in Pitt Town or any other corner of the world.

But did you ever thought how this competition is easy to win? Well, by executing yourself impressively online. And to do so, the major gateway is by developing a dance-friendly website. Many dance schools or institutes make WordPress their first preference because of its easy operations & great plugin features.

So, here we’ve got you top 10 WordPress themes that can do wonders to drag every dance lover to your website. Check out what are those.

  1. In Motion– This one is a good option for those who want their website to be filled with vibrant colors yet look simply professional. Creating administrative functions is quite a child’s play activity. As it is the most popular theme among dance lovers, you may need to try your own creativity to change the color scheme of the theme.
  2. Music Band– Well, its name is enough to let you know about its creativity. This theme is one good pack of amazing plugins and its responsive function makes it stand above all others.
  3. Night Club– A perfect option to implement before organizing a dance party in the school. It’s amazingly customized and the graphics are completely user-friendly that will help you lure the attention of more and more people every day.
  4. DJ Ronaldo– Black never goes out of trend! This hot black theme not just promotes the best visual editing features but have some really stunning page slider options that will make you stay on it for long.
  5. Dance Studio– For creating a never fading impression on your viewers, dance school theme is all that you need. The biggest highlight of this theme is its liberty of letting you upload and manage your schedule online. The overall theme looks even more enticing with the presence of WooCommerce online shop builder plugin
  6. Pirouette– A fully mobile responsive theme which has everything, right from uploading the dance classes schedule to disclosing the openings for dance teachers. For those who want a decent website, it can be a nice option.
  7. FatMoon– It gives you amazing 40+ options to choose from. Also, you’ll be given the right to choose any header from the 15 mentioned choices.
  8. Dance– A simple yet artistically designed theme covering every necessary feature and plugin for you.
  9. Danlet– This one has three home page displays in four different styles. It’s drop & drag feature makes it more popular among non-technical people.
  10. Vibez– A flexible & classy theme having the ability to upload a short video of your best dance students or teachers.

Now when you’ve plenty of awesome ideas in your mind, go get the best theme for your dance school website and get ready to exhibit your dancing caliber in a desired manner.

What is Digital Marketing?

What is Digital Marketing?
Digital marketing simply refers to any attempt at promoting a brand, product or service to potential clients via not only the internet but also other means like television, radio, mobile text messages, electronic billboards and basically any other form of electronic media.

Types of digital marketing:

Digital marketing is an extensive concept that incorporates a host of strategies and processes to attain its objectives. To shed light on how exactly it works, here are a few examples of the techniques it implores:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
This is arguably the most popular and effective means of digital marketing and it involves boosting your Google rank standings so that your business’ website will come up first whenever people look up related keyword phrases. You probably want to use a SEO company to make sure you rank the highest.

Social media marketing
This type of digital marketing offers a great stepping stone and could be just what your new business needs to get going.
It involves marketing on social media platforms like Facebook, twitter and SnapChat just to mention a few. It is a good way to build strong customer relationships.

Paid Per Click
PPC involves advertising through sponsored links displayed alongside Google search results or images on popular websites that link back to your website. Just like SEOs this type of advertising is also geared towards improving your Google rankings, however, unlike its counterpart, it has a really short life span. As soon as the funding stops so does the advertising.

Affiliate marketing
This type of digital involves recruiting affiliates, who are like online sales personnel, to market your brand and get a small share of your earnings that result from their efforts.

To use affiliate marketing, your site needs to have the capability to capture direct sales.

Viral marketing
Viral marketing, as can be deduced from its name, is aimed at getting your product as much publicity as possible in as little time as possible.

It is simply a hybrid combination of its predecessors and if your business picks, it could plunge it into unimaginable heights within the blink of an eye. It encompasses public relations, social media and content marketing.

Is digital marketing really necessary?
Well for one, it is cost effective which is particularly good news for those businesses that are just starting up and have limited resources to spare.
Sales and marketing processes are therefore no longer just a preserve of only those companies with huge financial backings and anyone with a mobile phone and an internet connection can market their product online. For some business like ecommerce, digital marketing represent above 90% of income, such as Mektronics or Ozwashroom.

Moreover, it offers a level playing field for all businesses, whether big or small, to thrive as everyone is afforded their fair share of space at reaching the ever-growing online traffic.
What’s more, you can even set your campaigns to target an intended group of people.

Another huge plus is that it offers a highly interactive platform for clients and sellers which means you can get timely feedback on what your clients really want from your product and areas to make improvements.

This is essentially the most important aspect of digital marketing customer satisfaction is essentially the top most priority of any business

The downside to Digital Marketing
Digital marketing might just be the best marketing means known to man however it is not without flaws. Here are a few disadvantages that come with it:

It could easily go wrong
While it could make your brand an overnight success, there is a possibility that it could get negative reviews as well which could spread like bush fire and paint your product in a bad light. And once it spins out of control, there’s very little you can do about it.

Digital marketing is prone to unauthorized duplication of content:
Given the vague laws governing it, your marketing information strategies could be copied, word for word, by competitors. All it takes is just a slight variation of the logo and two clicks of the mouse for someone else to benefit from all your hard work.

It time-consuming
Digital marketing involves you putting in the hours and effort alike; it requires a lot of patience as your efforts are not bound to bear any fruits straight away. It will take a while to learn the ropes but once you get going, it will all be smooth sailing from there.

Final Verdict
Digital marketing has its fair share of shortcomings just like anything other business venture worth its salt. However, given the fact that the average person spends about four hours a day online, digital marketing is the best way to go when it comes to marketing. Just keep in mind the cons of the trade and you should manage to successfully navigate the murky waters of digital marketing. Digital Marketing help you to promote your own business and spend time on what you like to do.