Exploring Latest Designs for the Penny Appeal Website

May 2, 2018 | Technology | By Silvia Smith | 0 Comments

Sometimes even the richest person in the city hesitates to donate even a cent while many are habitual with making contributions for the financially low placed communities.

Recently, the culture of charity has been boosted by the advent of social media platforms such as the Facebook, the Twitter, those bringing our minds towards the poor sections of the society. Today, just about every NGO has a website for online donations. So, one aspect of this is the scope of charity has become borderless, now you can donate as per your wish while sitting in any part of the world.

However, the causes of forgeries in the name of charity has becoming rocking, with people creating a land paging, and asking people to donate their life’s earned money. This, in turn, has a big impact on how people think about an NGO, nowadays many have a view that they are running “just for profit.”

Are you a charity organisation working for the welfare of the homeless people? Then, it is significant for you to create a business website that wins back the lost trust of the charity markers. Here, in this post, we will highlight some top tips for building a great charity website. Let’s take a tour:

  1. The Logo

The logo is the most integral part of any website, it sends a strong message to the website visitors about the prime objective of any company. Your organisation logo should be a fine balance between simplicity & creativity. The logo should be inviting, without being over fancy. Like, if you are a charity operating in a Muslim dominating region, then you can come up with a logo design that portrays the real meaning of the Fitr donation and its significance to the religion.

  1. Display Your Credibility

The design of your website should be such it tells the visitor that he or she has not landed on a scam charity site. For this, you can embed the awards for charity you have won on the homepage. The design of the website should not be too fancy with multiple media integrations; instead, keep it straight & simple. You need to spend some time on searching a reliable company for building a website for your charity organisation like toko daging. You can take inspiration from the website designs of top charities running worldwide, but don’t copy it, be original.

  1. The Contact Us Details

A pop up of contact us form or a banner displaying the primary number to reach out to the organisation should be a must on your charity website.

  1. The Physical Address

If your charity has a physical address, don’t hide it; have a Google map showing the navigation to reach your place on the landing page. This can be a great attention grabber for your potential charity makers.

Final Words

In the end, the design of the website is of paramount importance, so is the social media marketing strategies, Stay ahead of the curve by planning winning campaigns for Fitrana and other popular events for donations.